What is Service Host Superfetch Program?

You must have heard a lot about service host Superfetch and it’s all about how it takes up your entire disk space. Wait, it’s not just what you think or has heard. It’s a lot more than that, the work service host Superfetch does in the background is very helpful which contributes to the smooth functioning.

Service Host Superfetch

To start with the simplest meaning of service host Superfetch that you must know is that it helps shorten your boot time. Superfetch has been a part of Windows Vista from a very long time and since then it’s been in the limelight for all the contrary reasons. It consistently takes care of all the applications boot time, keeps a track of your working with individual applications and performs its task accordingly.

The fact that Superfetch takes note of every move you take to line up your application at first. Over the years Windows operating system has gone to tremendous changes but the work of service host Superfetch remains the same. Your daily task is simplified due to Superfetch regularly keeping a check on its task.

You can think Superfetch as a drive catching, it copies all your important files to RAM and gives you enough space to work. However, it does come up with a certain drawback like every other Windows program.

Low Disk Space Issue in Service Host Superfetch

Now, this is a common one. It brings out the worst in any user to know that their system is running through a low disk space issue. In that case, I would like to put some light on this misunderstanding. We have an elaborate discussion updated on our homepage but I will tell you something anyway.

Just so you know, having a low disk space is not a danger sign at all. You don’t have to worry because Superfetch takes care of it all. The basic job of Superfetch is to shorten the boot time, but many users regularly ask the same question as to how can they disable Superfetch and it or not it’s safe to do so.

Here it from the best researchers, it is absolutely safe to disable service host Superfetch and here is how you do it. I will give you three very effective method to disable Superfetch.

  • Disable your Superfetch with the run command
  • You can take help from Windows Updates
  • Clean up your junk folder to make some memory space


It so happens, you go on working and using your disk space countlessly, just remember keeping your Windows Operating System updated with the latest version will solve half of your problems.

Know that it’s safe

Having a service host superfetch with alarming notification for low disk space doesn’t contribute to high risk for your system. So you can chill because you can very smoothly fix some of these issues with a few simple steps. If not, check out our homepage for elaborate and productive details about the same.

Your system requires superfetch and without you knowing it, it’s very important to have a keeper who slides in your most used application at first before you having to look for it.