Disable Cortana Background Task Host (Solved)

One of the biggest features in Windows 10 is Cortana, that responds to your voice commands and perform tasks for you. It is a digital assistant and can help users with many tasks. The more you use this thing, the more it will get to know you and therefore, it will perform the tasks more efficiently. But the Service Host Remote Procedure Call creates a privacy issue because it has to collect all your personal data to learn to assist you.

Cortana Background Task Host

Some of the information that Cortana collects are contacts, calendar, location, internet history and favourites, speech, inking, typing, and more. But with this how-to guide, you can learn how to stop Cortana and prevent it from personal data gathering.

What is Cortana Background Task Host?

Cortana is Windows digital assistant that helps you with many tasks. You only have to say “Hey, Cortana”, and the service can answer all your question, perform any task. With this virtual assistant, you are able to know weather forecasts, you can set reminders, search the web, find virtually anything on your PC, keep track of flights, calendar, packages, and a lot more. Apart from all these, the most interesting thing about this virtual assistant is, it can tell you jokes!

Personally, I think Cortana is a great tool which gets better with time. But some users find Microsoft invading their privacy by collecting their personal data. So, if you are worried about the same issue, you can perform the process below to stop Cortana Background, Task Host.

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Steps to Turn Off Cortana Background Task Host

Disabling Cortana is a very easy task. There are two ways that you can follow to complete this task. The first option is launching the digital assistant from the search bar of your Windows 10 taskbar. Then click on the settings button from the left pane. Under the first option, Cortana, you will find the pill switch to turn it off.

The second way to disable Cortana is by launching the settings app. From Privacy, go to Speech, inking, & typing, and then you have to click on “Stop getting to know me” option to disable the virtual assistant.

Each of these processes will disable the Cortana Background Task Host and delete everything it knows about you from this device. But previously collected data from Cortana’s notebook may remain accessible.

How to Delete Personalization Data from Microsoft Server-

After disabling Cortana virtual assistant from your computer, you need to delete your personal information from Microsoft server such as Notebook, Reminders, Places etc. to delete these from your account, you have to go to the Bing’s settings page.

Use the account that you are currently using on your computer and click on the Clear button to erase data for both “Clear personal info” and “Other Cortana Data and Personalized Speech, Inking, and Typing”. You need to confirm the deletion for both of the cases.

Turn Off Additional Data Gathering in Windows 10-Cortana Background Task Host

To stop Microsoft from gathering your personal information you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Privacy settings page of Microsoft
  2. Here you can disable the Send Microsoft info about how I write to help to improve typing and writing in the future option
  3. You can turn off data collection in the same way by going to the privacy settings page. Disable the global Location option.
  4. You can also disable location on apps and you can turn off location for Cortana as well. If you can disable location globally, you are able to disable the feature for Cortana Background Host.

Things You Should Know About Cortana Background Task Host-Feature and Data Collection

Microsoft provides various ways to turn off Cortana in Windows 10. And there are a few things that you might need to know about this feature and data collection. Check them out below:

  1. You can only turn off Cortana in per device; if you disable the virtual assistant in one device, and expect that it is disabled in your every Windows device, you are wrong.
  2. The name you on which Cortana can call you, is set per device and also not globally.
  3. You can erase all the data and your personal information that Microsoft has collected using Cortana, but there is no button for you to stop collecting information globally in your Microsoft account
  4. If you don’t want Microsoft to store your personal information in Cloud, you can turn off Cortana Background Task Host on all your devices. Then you can clear your personal information from your Microsoft account
  5. When you are disabling Cortana from one device, you are clearing your information stored online. But if you are using another Cortana activated device, then that information will be once again uploaded and stored on your Microsoft account
  6. Turning off Cortana will make Windows 10 less efficient in trying to complete tasks for you
  7. The search bar on your taskbar will still be present and you can use that to search for items. However, you will be limited to simple searches on your computer as well as on the internet
  8. If you want, you can turn on Cortana again by opening the search on the taskbar or from the settings app-Privacy > Speech, inking, & typing and click on Get to know me

How to disable Cortana

Wrapping a Few Things Up

Microsoft is trying to include Cortana on all Windows devices such as PCs, tablets, laptops, and phones. Also, Microsoft has announced that it is going to release a standalone app for Android phones, iPhones, and iPads in the near future.

I hope you are able to turn off Cortana Background Host by following these methods. How do you feel about Microsoft collecting your personal data? Let us know in the comment box below.

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