What is Service Host Superfetch – Solve High CPU Usage Issue in 3 Easy Steps

There are a lot of talking about Service Host Superfetch in windows, it’s a program built to speed up your system’s performance but sometime end up creating problems instead. If your computer or laptop still keeps freezing it slows down your work and that’s why you are here, as for us. Our Service Host Superfetch swears by long-term solution plans which will help you get all the unwanted superfetch issues resolved.

Your PC is your temple and we know exactly how to take care of that for you. Especially when Service Host Superfetch is giving you trouble, our support can go beyond troubleshooting. We think your problems of our own. However, there are still a lot of users who do not understand and want to understand what exactly this program does?

So let us help you understand what it does and why it was introduced to make your solution process a lot easier than you think.

Why Service Host Superfetch is on Taskbar?

It all starts with the fact to know how closely This program is involved with the smooth functioning of your system. Also, once you know what triggers the issue you can work your way out of it or avoid that source for the first place.

The purpose of this program is pretty generic, it allows Windows Operating System to run and take care of regular apps and downloads from crashing and makes then work smoothly. This thoroughly analysis your system and makes it useful for you with enhanced program which you more often use.

Work of service host superfetch might not be recognised intensely but when it creates trouble, the effect is very clearly felt. You may want to know a little history behind superfech. It was actually introduced for Windows vista in the beginning and it got involved by helping out other application speed up the process.

Basic Superfetch Pointers

This section is about giving you some of the basic things that superfetch does in short. Not that long sentenced will bore you but pointers has its way to give you right information at the least minimum time.

  • It cuts down the boot time
  • You find your application easily and it also adds up to quick functioning
  • Easily loads regular apps Apart from having so many benefits, we would also like to give you why so many users are turning towards support network. Service Host Superfetch comes up with high disk usage issue, like for real. Once you think your applications are running smoothly, it will completely take away that happiness in exchange for a desperate need for support network.

What is Service Host Superfetch?

Furthermore, you might want to know how this ninja program go wrong. It’s not the first time people are crowding over support forum to get the answer for this saint program going crazy. Windows off course have so many great features and Superfetch is no exception, then what triggers this program?

So let us face it, you run a fully loaded and optimized system which has Superfetch running at the background. It looks after all your applications and makes sure you are happy running them on time. But what happens is, Superfetch does require some system work like CPU and RAM which requires a very strong hardware, so if your hardware isn’t supportive enough it unwantedly triggers superfetch to slow down or have issues.

The first outcome of superfetch being overzealous will result to the shut down of your system. Because when troubled, Superfetch will force applications to startup and work on time. Instead, it just shuts down with all the chaos. Another consequence of Superfetch being upset can result to your system slow down.

To conclude this section, know that superfetch catches data pretty fast to serve you on time which eventually becomes the cause of its slow down and troubles.

How to Disable it from the service

In order to disable it from the service, take a look at these easy steps to get started.

  • Click to the Windows key + R, dialogue box will open
  • Similarly, press the Start in Windows and write ‘run’ in order to locate the dialogue box
  • Now, write ‘services.msc’ in order to bring the service window
  • After you get the list of all the application , look for Superfetch

  • Simply disable the program as shown in image

Disable it from Windows Registry-

Use Windows Registry The process starts itself by getting to the start button.

  • Open the Run dialogue box with help of the start button
  • You will have to type “Regedit”
  • Once you find the registry window, get to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder
  • Now, you have to navigate to SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet
  • Go to- Control > Session Manager > MemoryManagement > PrefetchParameters

Registry file to kill service host superfetch

  • Double-click on the ‘Disable Superfetch’ written on the very left side

If you fail to find the file using the value listed above, use these steps instead-

a. You need to right click on the PrefetchParameters folder
b. Here select, open New > DWORD Value
c. Enter ‘0’ for the value and it will disable the device.
d. Select OK

These are the two tried and tested procedures, that can help you disable superfetch for good. There can be a lot more interests that people take for the sake of system’s security and smooth performance.

We are basically focusing on every aspect of service host superfetch performance check and much more. Keeping a close check on your system programs and performance graph is the best thing you can do. Now that you learnt a lot of things about the security control and disabling the program. Take a look at disk risk and how to get rid of the trouble.

Two Major Goals of Service Host Superfetch-

As discussed above, Service Host Superfetch has two major goals for your system. From start to finish it contributes to help the background application to run smoothly. Let us discuss both its goal in details so that it’s easier for you to spot the difference here.

First, the fact that superfetch helps your system to decrease the boot time, is all that any user would want. A regular user might not be aware of the fact that the Windows application takes different time to access the files and that’s exactly where superfetch comes into the picture.

Superfetch makes a note of every opened file and their access time to serve you accordingly. All the data files are then loaded in a particular time based on the information stored, this helps this program to perform more efficiently making use of its skills of shortening the boot time to the minimum. This is how the first major goal of Superfetch is taken care of. To maintain the standards, Superfetch process the stored disk after every three days, this keeps the work going smooth. You might think where is it stored? Any specific files are stored in the Windows/Prefetch, so for any routine interaction, superfetch take help from this program.

The second things that superfetch is expected to pre-load the application you use more often to keep them in queue at first. Its will be real smart to know that superfetch line up applications based on their usage pattern.To clarify this, if you use the same application first thing in the morning so be it. Superfetch will open the same application for you. Same goes for the applications which you don’t use very often like word file or excel, then they will loaded for later use. There is one more thing about superfetch that, it works more like boot variant to collect the data it gets in the first ten seconds and use it accordingly.

Myths About Service Host Superfetch.

There are users who approached us because they were annoyed with the tantrums that superfetch brings down. Most probably people are obsessed with how the task manager collaborate or works to report about memory statistics to start with. In any program and if the catch isn’t cleared, it creates a lot of unwanted issues and the risk for your application and system slowing down are much higher.

System memory should be cleaned and regulated for the fact that it highly contribute to the smooth functioning of your system applications. Users also very often ask us about their RAM memory and its uses, that’s because people want to use their RAM space completely. Coming to the point superfetch works with its smart mechanism, when its about service host superfetch, it really adds up for your system’s fast mechanism.

In order to withstand the extreme benefits of your system, you have got to have a sufficient RAM, the more RAM you have, the more benefits you will get from superfetch. Hence, the myth about Superfetch taking up more disk space doesn’t quite justify but we will be discussing this matter later in here.

Let us just get to the exact point why this section was made. User come to the conclusion by bringing in two myths into the picture about superfetch. According to them superfetch reflects a negative aspect on your system which is not true. It’s a myth because superfetch has makes your application load faster and doesn’t slow down the functioning at all.

User also come up with the idea that boot time becomes longer with superfetch working at the background. Both of these myths are absolutely debatable because none of these have any role to play with superfetch wholly.

Do you need to worry about it’s High CPU Usage?

The big question is when people want to know whether they should disable their service host superfetch or keep it for future use. People are often worries to know that it has this high disk risk having superfetch running at the background, but it isn’t like that. The service actually works to optimize the program, let’s get to the root of this unrecognized cause.

When you are continuously using your system with several different applications, your RAM starts filling up with different files and documents that you use. Hence, the service host superfetch starts working slow and takes a little longer to start an application. In this case, users want to disable the application and that is exactly the question, should i disable the service?

Honestly, let us bring some logic into the picture and most importantly when you start noticing that superfetch is slowing down your system and has given a high disk rish for the usage, the option may serve right. Disable the service to retail the smooth functioning, after you make the decision, you may also want to decide which way would be perfect to disable the superfetch.

We can discuss the required details, as to we have two different methods you can try to disable the service with proper instructions. Let us give you a rough idea about the process, you can either try to

  • Disable it from the service
  • Use Windows registry These two can really help you get rid of the service host superfetch from your system. The steps are easy and can keep your problems at bay since the start.

About Disk Risk during Superfetch

As mentioned earlier, it comes with high disk risk and has several different ways to fix the issues.No matter it contributes in decreasing the run time but our research team knows the deal with users using superfetch. About the only way to get the issues sorted is to keep your PC optimized and clean in regularly.

It has a lot to offer and add to this particular subject and disk usage controversy goes a long way. However, we decided to take over to answer some of the unanswered question which was desperately needed.

How to take care of high disk risk?

Cleaning up junk and unwanted files from your PC can do the magic. Cleaning up junk from your PC is not only beneficial for good skin type but it is helpful keeping most of the tech issues at bay. Keeping your system clean and junk free can add up alot to your fast functioning an instant boot to your system.

Even though most of the users are aware with the idea of clean up but the correct procedures can take you a long way. It’s just about knowing the right procedures to fix your problems. For users who are recently looking for an effective procedures with less time investment, here it goes, but prior to that take a look at this extreme fact.

Manually, you can start the process of sorting out the junk and deleting the unnecessary but it will take a lifetime to start up that way. To suggest you an easy way out is to recommend you an automated clean up tool which will take care of the sorting out procedures pretty well. You simply have to make a download of EasyUS partition tool to get things in place without much effort.

This tool completely optimizes your clean up procedures and its tried and tested. For your understanding, it’s a professional tool which can help you redefine your management skills with your PC.You simply have to make the download and run it on your PC, rest assured you will be able to easily follow the remaining procedures after the prompt.

FAQ Section

Now, let’s get started with the most eccentric section here, it will help you understand other users point of view because we created this after tons of research work. It’s an absolute requirement . We have tons of realistic reviews, all related to the service host superfetch wearabouts to help you place your requirements at a better place.

We a background team of technicians working on making things easier and better from their end. Which brings down to the conclusion, who would answer your random questions about superfetch. Read ahead to know about some of the unknown angles that superfetch brings down for you. Here are selective 15 questions which can be of great help for you.

1.What does superfetch service do?

It’s been discussed earlier but we get this question from our users quite often than we think. Superfetch is a technological program in Windows Vista, it largely contributes to the memory manager and keeps a record of almost every move you make and records it for further use. The major goal of this program is to make sure your regularly access applications are kept in queue for easy boot.

2.What is the role of superfetch in Windows 10?

The same as it is with Windows Vista, people often think that there might be a difference because of the software update. But it isn’t like that at all. The software upgrade has nothing to do with the performance of superfetch in Windows 10. The role stays the same, superfetch stores data so that it can make it available for you when you require.

3.How can I smoothly disable superfetch from my command prompt?

Sometime due to high disk risk users just want to get rid of superfetch and start looking up ways to disable the program. If so, here is how you can successfully disable the program. You have to get to the start menu and write ‘cmd’ and right click to find the command prompt in front of you. Now you have to make a selection to run as administrator after which you will have to write ‘net.exe stop superfetch’. That is all, it is that easy, you just have to follow these two simple steps and your work is done.

4.Why is service host network restricted?

The local network or restricted network in superfetch has some basic things to answer. Since, it uses a lot of disk space in your CPU. so, it happens due to the additional service host being present.

5.How can you define Windows prefetch?

Just so you are not confused, Windows Prefetch is just another word for Superfetch. Users often ask this question and our reply is the same, Imagine you open your system to go to the same application everyday. Windows programs keeps a track of your activity as soon as you start your system and works accordingly keeping all your programs in line.

You might be thinking how to maintain prefetch, so know that there is no need to worry about maintaining this program because it self maintains itself.

6.What do people mean by disk usage?

Disk usage is related to the superfetch working pattern because any change in the disk usage affects the performance of your system. As the question demands, Disk usage the referred to the portion of space in your system storage which stays in use. The contrasting idea of the total space given and total space in use.

8. Where can I find the prefetch file?

User wants to know every single details about superfetch from storage to functioning standards, and this is exactly why we got a FAQ section to help you understand things better. The prefetch file is generally stored in the Windows System folder. You get to see the trace files which always contain a PF extension.

The Prefetch/Superfetch folder can contain at least one boot trace for you to know better. They can also contain some added trace files for individual applications.

9. How can i check my disk space?

Since the time people got to know about the disk space, they want to check by themselves. Now that we are here, let us give you how it is done. First, you have to click df command, this show the amount of space that is used or are available. Second, you have to type du command, this will display the disk space that are used by every individual files. Third, type btrfs fi df /device/ which will show you information of the usage for amount point or the file system.

10.How can i disable superfetch? And can i disable?

Now, people face a lot of problems in regards to superfetch and having a full disk space. But so that you know, there are no major risk to your system due to a full disk space. Also, if you are deciding to turn it off, so be it. There won’t be any major changes to your system due to this. Our reference is according to the way you are dealing with your system. If you see after having a full disk space your system works fine, leave the superfetch on. If you are facing issues, then you might want to take care of that, try to fix the issue by turning of superfetch. See if that helps your needs.

11.Is it alright to delete prefetch files?

Why would you do it in the first place? As it is discussed earlier, superfetch is self maintained, and you don’t really have to put in effort to clear it off. However, it is safe to delete the prefetch files, you still have to know one thing. There is no need t take the effort. If you are deleting any files, it can slow down your system as you can not be possibly aware of which file serves what purpose.

12.How can you define temporary files?

Okay, so you are interested to know about the foo files. Supposively you are working on application and your permanent file is under making. That’s when you will be able to get your hands on a temporary file. It holds all the basic information during the permanent file is created for display. The temporary file is also called a temp file.

It’s important to delete the temporary file after you have completed working on it.

13.Is it safe to delete temporary files?

To give you the answer instantly, yes it is safe and perfectly okay to delete the temporary files. Know that temporary files helps the program to have more space. However, programs just create a temporary file for the temporary use.

14.How can I tell if antivirus service executable is actually a virus?

Users often mistake this as a virus but it’s not. Antimalware service executable are actually a core process for the Windows Defender anytime. Furthermore, there are no reports that this antimalware are actually a virus but you can use Mcafee to detect it. Download McAfee from www.mcafee.com/activate, you can be sure about it and play safe.

15.How can i safely turn off Superfetch?

Turning superfetch is a lot more smarter than disabling them completely, you can actually just turn them off when you think your applications are running slow or taking longer to open than the usual.

  • Bring the Run dialog box
  • Write ‘Service.msc’
  • You will instantly find the ‘superfetch’ name on the list
  • Now click into it and follow the prompt
  • You will soon find the ‘stop’ option on the property list. You know what to do after that.

16.How can i successfully reduce the disk usage in task manager?

You will have to change the startup type into disabled. You can simply click apply and you will see the option of computer’s disk usage. After selecting the task managers option from the menu you have to keep a close check to the processes tab to see the %. Notice that the option is no longer 100%, and believe that the issue is eventually resolved.

Ending the Frequently asked section with a positive note. All the questions displayed here are absolutely tried and tested. Our customer base have tons of other questions to which we are willing to answer later in one of our posts. To get the complete idea and answers to increasing troubles with your superfetch, keep following because we regularly update for your help.

17. Superfetch Advantages and Disadvantages

After a very long survey with several different crowd we came to the conclusion to pen down some of the pros and cons of using or disabling superfetch from your system. However, this section will not require a lot of time investment from your end. We are only giving you the conclusion of what could go wrong and what can enhance the skill set of your superfetch.

A lot of you have had tons of questions asking us to sum up the basic attributes of superfetch and the idea that you guys were thinking of disabling it completely. Every situation has a consequence and so does this one. However, we can not scare you by saying never do it, but the idea of it alone holds a positive and negative side to start with.

We are happy to help and hence we came to a conclusion after a research session with our technical team. Here it goes.

Advantages: You can be pretty sure about the boost in its performance. Starting with the very basic, it lines up your most frequently used applications in line. This can be super helpful in terms of smooth functioning for sure.

Disadvantages: It’s pretty simple, if you don’t mind your applications to take longer than the usual time than you are most welcome to disable superfetch. Disabling superfetch can result in a lot of systemic issues that can be experienced later.

After informing you with all the required details about superfetch and its advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to let you know about our services on this program.

Our Service Pattern

No matter how pro you are with DIY, the troubleshooting solution for superfetch and its required information will take you back to support forums. We have a very basic rule for fixing the issues with service host superfetch and its instant. You can completely rely on our customer support network for superfetch because we have a dedicated team of professionals to help you out on this one.

We have answers to all related issues, just make sure you connect accordingly. Our availability have been one of the positive aspect of our services. Connect to get complete quickbooks support and suggestions for superfetch.


We have tried to cover up every single aspect when its about service host superfetch. You simply have to read through to know every inch of details. Over the years superfetch have drown a lot of attention because of messing up the disk space. But as discussed earlier in this post, we made sure you know the truths and myths about superfetch and its disk space.

Concluding with an inviting note, you can comment below to get the attention if you have an instant need for help. Our community is constantly growing and we will be happy to have an addition for that matter. Read, apply, connect. Let’s make system better and faster.